The only Certifiable 3D avatar creation service 😎

Be you, Virtualy

With a realistic 3D digital human for animation, game, XR and Metaverse

We create your unique and highly precise 3D avatar from a complete photogrammetric 3D scan
or, as we like to call it, "Digital Twining Process".

Now, you can be YOU. Get your photorealistic avatar for the metaverse!

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Get your affordable 3D avatar with ExoTwiin

How do you get the most of it ?

We believe that to genuinely connect with others, you have to be real. With your own hyper-realistic Twiin Avatar, you are as real as someone can be ! Use your avatar in video conference calls, in video games, Metaverse or simply as your profile picture! The ways you can put it to use are unlimited.

Affordable Realistic 3D Avatar

We offer you a quick and easy way to create your realistic 3D avatar – a human digital twin – without breaking the bank. At ExoTwiin, we create your 3D avatar, that looks just like you! No more cartoonish avatars – our avatars are super realistic!

Hundreds of customers have already tried it, and they love it! Contact us to book a session. Your super realistic 3D avatar awaits =)

ExoTwiin Machine
Laura Twiin

This is not your typical avatar creation App

We make the creation of your "Digital Twin" easy, accessible and most of all, realistic!

Explore digital universes and experience the metaverse with your own Twiin Avatar! Our mission is to reconnect virtual experiences to the real world by creating your unique and recognizable identity. It’s the perfect and yet, natural way to genuinely connect with others.

  • Install the free App & reserve a Twiining Session.
  • Get to one of our ExoTwiin location and get Twiined!
  • Within 72 hours, our 3D artists will clean, retouch, optimize and rig for animation your hyper-realistic 3D avatar.
  • Receive your Twiin Avatar directly in the ExoTwiin App and start using it in a variety of digital worlds and App!
  • Things about clothing to avoid if possible:

    - Full-body black / navy blue clothes (and especially those without patterns / patterns / creases);
    - Shiny and glossy materials that strongly reflect light;
    - Thin fabrics that transmit light should be avoided if possible.

    Although, it doesn’t mean that a 3D model cannot be created as a whole, it can be an element that causes unevenness / texture colour roughness / chipping / holes and additional corrections will be needed.

The only certifiable avatar identity!

All our avatars are certifiable by the very essence of our creation process

Since you have to come to our facility to get Twiined, nobody else can impersonate you and create an avatar looking like you. Unless you have a real-life identical twin ✌️

Other online avatar service creation where you simply upload a picture to create a lookalike avatar can’t be certified. There’s nothing preventing you from snatching a profile picture of someone else on social media, create a lookalike avatar and impersonate that person in the Metaverse.

With a simple KYC procedure, we can certify and authenticate that your Twiin Avatar is really you! 

ExoTwiin Logo

That's great, but now what?

There are many ways you can use your Twiin Avatar

  • GAMES: Imagine being able to import your Twiin in your favorite game and play as yourself.
  • BUSINESS: Use your avatar to make video conference calls, meet with colleagues or clients in a virtual office, attend virtual events, networking, meet new people, etc.
  • PUBLIC FIGURES: With our avatar certification (in development), soon you will be able to licence your digital Twiin and create new form of revenue stream. 

With ExoTwiin, everyone has the ability to get Twiined and have full control of their Twiin Avatar even without knowing how to code or how to render a 3D model. The main takeaway is that anything you do in the real world… can be done in the Metaverse ✌️

We also produce hyper-realistic digital twins!

Perfect for the film industry or AAA games

When high-quality, full-body rigging and complete blend shapes are required for an animation project, our Digital Human Twins are up for the task!
Using only a high-quality headshot picture or a full head scan, we can turn a real person into a full 3D digital character (Meta-Human).

Twiin AvatarTwiin Avatar

These Twiin Avatars were commissioned for a giant project!

We created 5 high-resolution static giants statues for a project called Aura.

Features that set us apart

There are no other

In North America, only ExoTwiin can offer a realistic 3D avatar from a full-body scan starting under $500.

Highly optimized to high quality

From highly decimated & optimized low-polygon for realtime usage to high-quality digital human, you get a whole range of possibilities!

Quick and efficient

With our 3D scanning technology, we can scan a full person in a matter of seconds.